Captured on 25/03/2021 by Toby Butler Photography.

Ella Slade grew up in Devon, spending as much time as possible immersed in the world outside. This is a fascination that has stayed with her throughout her life, playing a fundamental role in her creative development.

After developing an instinctive affinity towards portraying the natural world in mixed media, Ella chose to study for a Textiles degree at the prestigious Manchester School of Art. Here, she developed her understanding in the art of gesture, colour and textural abstraction.

Returning to the freedom of life back in the South West, Ella is now able to let her spirit wild. She often works outside, each new adventure providing her with unique combinations of colour, motion and textures to commit to her canvases.

Ella has an uncanny knack for picking up on the forceful, elemental energy of her landscape subjects. She uses palette knives, her fingers and hands to create multi-layers of texture, ephemeral elements such as sea spray and gathering tempests becoming intimately tangible. Her brush strokes are unrestrained, rushing, shrinking to marbled specks of surf, expanding into sweeping storm clouds.

Ella’s style of painting enables a sense of vicarious escape. Her paintings become a window on the walls they hang upon, with the power to become a vital part of any interior project.

All images, text and concepts are © Ella Slade 2021